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Life Insurance And Critical Illness Cover

It seems ironic that it is mandatory to insure the car you drive or if you have a mortgage, the lender will always insist that you insure the property; but one of the most important types of insurance is often overlooked – life insurance and critical illness cover for you!

No one likes to contemplate something bad happening to them, but, as difficult as it might be, you owe it to your family for them to be able to meet their current financial obligations if you were no longer there to provide for them.

Protect your loved ones and ensure they’re financially secure in the event of an accident or for diagnosis of a critical illness. By comparing life insurance and critical illness cover with our free, no obligation service, we are confident you’ll find excellent rates on all the life insurance and critical illness cover policies on offer in the marketplace today.

We are able to source life insurance and critical illness cover policies, from the UK’s top insurance companies at very competitive rates. Obtaining a quote from us couldn’t be simpler; just fill out the brief form and we will get in touch with you directly; take a few details from you, discuss the options available to you and then give you a quotation. By getting your life insurance and critical illness cover quotes today, you’ve taken the first steps towards protecting your family should the worst happen.

A pay-out from your life insurance or critical illness cover policy could pay off the mortgage, or it could go towards child-care or provide financial support for future education.

Compare the different levels of life insurance and critical illness cover with Independent Financial Services and we’ll make sure that each one is simple to understand and allows you to decide which one of the policies meets your specific needs. If you’ve never had cover before we will run through all the available options with you and recommend the most suitable cover to meet your specific requirements. If you already have existing cover in place, we will review this for you to ensure it is still suitable for your needs and will advise if it needs to be altered according to your current circumstances

Start today and review some of the most competitive rates on life insurance and critical illness cover from Fee Free Advice.

Simply complete your details on our contact form and then press Submit to send it to us and we will get back to you with your quotations and the relevant policy terms and conditions booklet.

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