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How do you choose the right funeral plan?

With so many pre-paid funeral plan providers to choose from, how do you know which one is best for your needs?

Surprisingly, all the major funeral plan providers supply very similar plans, so in this case price really does matter.

We are happy to show you the prices and of course the savings that you will make. Compare pre-paid funeral plans and providers with us.

Choosing a Funeral Director
It’s very Important to realise that some of the funeral directors can only sell one particular funeral plan, such as Dignity, CO OP and Golden Charter. However, funeral directors are often happy to accept funeral plans from other funeral planning companies. In these circumstances you can save a substantial amount on your funeral plan and still have the same local funeral director to administer your funeral plan.

It is always worth checking with us first if you would like a specific funeral director to administer your funeral plan as we could often save you money than if you went direct. If you do visit your local funeral director they will often sell you the funeral plan they are contracted too. We can contact them directly on your behalf to check which other funeral plans they will accept.

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